light up letters galway

Unique wedding ideas from Hollywood LED Letters

Increasingly, couples and wedding coordinators are becoming more adventurous with unique wedding ideas and the styling of weddings decorations and wedding accessories. Hollywood LED Letters create multiple, stylish design options, and with the ever-increasing desire for personal touches that create the WOW factor, they have become a must-have item for wedding ideas! It’s easy to see why – looking at the photographic opportunities they present and how their fairground style glow transforms any space.

Our giant 5ft high, light up letters spelling L-O-V-E are one option – but you could be as creative as you like! Initials, MR & MRS, MR & MR, MRS & MRS plus dates, numbers and themes are just a few unique wedding ideas that we’ve seen work really well. The giant letter lights are truly eye catching at 150cms high and can also be placed behind the head table, wedding cake area or even inside the entrance to your wedding venue.

As wedding ideas go, our amazing 5ft LED light up letters make a fabulous impact – leaving guests impressed and making your special event even more memorable. If you’re looking for dazzling unique wedding ideas, then our 5ft high giant LED letter lights will add a lavish touch of glamour to your big day! We deliver nationwide – email your enquiry with details of your wedding venue, date, and preferred letter/number combination to: